Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Lovely Product

Maxis Broadband

I would like to share about product.Its about Maxis Broadband. Without it i cant survive without it. Its because in our campus life , we need entertainment. I really love to surf internet especially facebook and watching movie serial. eventhough UUM area are covered with wireless but yet we cant go some other site it is because restricted. One day i lost my broadband in library, i feel so sad because i cant surf internet and all of my daily activity had stuck. Lucky behind my broadband i had put my phone number, some one found it and give my broadband to me back. i feel like my best friend come back to me again.

By:Thanalechumee Subramaniam (128514)

Locket Watch

I would like to tell about my favourite loveable friend who close to me that is locket watch. whats so special in that locket watch is inside that i put my family picture. i always look at the picture normally when i wake up and when im about to sleep. besides that whenever i feel like ups and down i will look at their picture. its speciality is evry 7morning it will give one beutiful sound. but the sad thing is one day its fall down and had broke. Now my locket watch no more sound and the reminder but yet still i can see my parents picture because they are everything for me.

By:Vikneswary Muniappen (128536)

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